Kuwait is located in the Middle East. Kuwait shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Iraq. Most of the country is a flat desert plain, broken by coastal dunes and escarpments, marshes and salt depressions around Kuwait Bay, and an oasis in Jahra. The country has nine offshore islands. Kuwait is essentially a city-state where there are smaller communities inland and to the south, but most of the population lives in Kuwait City. Kuwait has many historic and modern landmarks. One of the most important landmarks in Kuwait is the Kuwait towers. The Kuwait Towers were designed to resemble traditional Arabian Rose water Sprinklers. Inside the structure there is a superb coffee house and a revolving observation platform. Kuwait is a modern country with everything from glitzy shopping malls to old “souks” where culture and tradition abound. Everything from the latest Fendi purse to rare spices can be purchased depending on the size of your wallet and interests.

Procedure of Certificate Attestation 

There are two ways to attest educational document from India ,

There are two types of certificates
Educational Certificates & Non Educational Certificates


Type A

  1. Home Department of concerned state (HRD Authentication)
  2. MEA Delhi
  3. Kuwait Embassy in Delhi

Type B

  1. Notary Maharashtra
  2. Home Department of Maharashtra
  3. MEA Delhi
  4. Kuwait embassy in Delhi


  1. Notary Maharashtra
  2. Home Department of Maharashtra
  3. MEA Delhi
  4. Kuwait Embassy in Delhi


Residence Visa Stamping / Employment Visa Stamping

Kuwait visa stamping Requirements :

  1. Original Passport
  2. Original Visa
  3. white background photo
  4. Police Clearance Certificate  ( from Passport office only )
  5. Original Medical from approved Agency
  6. Child’s vaccination Certificate

Notes :

  • Pcc ( Passport Office )Validity is only 06 Months,
  • Kuwait Business Visa and Visit Visa No need Visa Stamping.
  • Medical validity is 30 days for ​Ladies & 90 days for Gents ,
  • Medical should have minimum 10 days validity before submission,
  • Visa  should have minimum 10 Days validity before submission

it will take 10 to 15 working days


Required documents for Emigration:-

  • Passport original (visa should be stamped in passport)
  • 2 white background photographs
  • Offer letter original should be attested from Indian embassy
  • Job id and job code
  • ​Demand letter should be stamped and signed by Sponsor  ​

for medical please follow the link http://www.khadamat.in/

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